高胆固醇 Diagnosis and Treatment in Northern New Jersey

人体自然产生各种功能所需的胆固醇. 然而, because cholesterol is also found in common foods, and other factors may elevate total levels, many people are at risk of having too much cholesterol in their system. 在卑尔根医学协会 Patient-Centered Medical 首页 (PCMH) in northern New Jersey, board-certified 从业人员 diagnose and treat high cholesterol and other conditions.


General practitioner cholesterol test resultsFound in every cell in the body, cholesterol is a fat-like, waxy substance. 它在产生激素、维生素D和帮助消化的物质方面发挥作用. When the blood contains too much cholesterol, it can combine with other substances and form plaque, 哪些粘在动脉壁上. 动脉粥样硬化, 斑块的形成, 会导致冠状动脉疾病吗, which makes arteries narrow or blocked.

What Problems Are Associated With 高胆固醇?

High cholesterol levels can result in a variety of health issues. 例如, if a patient has large deposits of plaque in their arteries, 会发生破裂, causing blood clots to form on the plaque’s surface. 大的血凝块是非常危险的,因为它们会阻碍冠状动脉的血液流动. If the heart is not receiving enough oxygen-rich blood, angina (chest pain) or a heart attack can occur.

Plaque doesn’t affect only the heart, though. It also can accumulate in other arteries throughout the body, 包括那些负责为四肢和大脑提供富氧血液的细胞. 在这种情况下,可能会发生中风、外周动脉疾病和颈动脉疾病.


Lipoproteins are a combination of lipid (fat) and protein. 换句话说, 脂质必须附着在蛋白质上,这样它们才能在血液中流动. There are three main types of lipoproteins, including:

  • 高密度脂蛋白(HDL): 也被称为好胆固醇, HDL carries cholesterol from throughout the body to the liver, 哪个将它排出系统.
  • 低密度脂蛋白(LDL): 低密度脂蛋白也被称为坏胆固醇,高水平的低密度脂蛋白会导致斑块在动脉中积聚. LDL carries cholesterol throughout the body.
  • 超低密度脂蛋白(VLDL): 这是另一种有害胆固醇,因为过多的VLDL会导致斑块在动脉中积聚. VLDL carries triglycerides, a type of fat in the blood, throughout the body.

What Are the Causes and Risk Factors for 高胆固醇?

不健康的生活方式是导致高胆固醇的主要原因,其次是基因. 某些医疗条件和药物也会增加胆固醇水平. It’s important to discuss individual risk with a primary care physician, 但一般来说, the main risk factors of high cholesterol include:

  • 饮食和营养不良: 食用富含不良脂肪的食物,如饱和脂肪和反式脂肪,会提高低密度脂蛋白胆固醇水平. 这些食品可能包括乳制品、油炸食品、加工食品、巧克力和烘焙食品.
  • 很少或不运动: High cholesterol risk increases in those who do not exercise regularly.
  • 久坐不动的生活方式: Too much sitting can elevate high cholesterol levels.
  • 吸烟: 吸烟会降低高密度脂蛋白胆固醇,提高低密度脂蛋白胆固醇,尤其是女性.
  • 年龄: Risk heightens with age, though people of any age can have high cholesterol.
  • 遗传: 家族性高胆固醇血症(FH)是一种遗传性高胆固醇.
  • 重量: Those who are overweight or obese are at increased risk.
  • 种族: Black people tend to have higher LDL and HDL levels than Caucasians. Other races might also be at elevated risk.


There are no obvious symptoms of high cholesterol. 这种情况往往无法诊断,直到医疗并发症变得严重, making it imperative that patients have their cholesterol regularly checked. 然而, there are some signs that internal medicine physicians recognize, which could be associated with high cholesterol:

  • Chest pain, fullness, or pressure on the left side
  • 头晕
  • 小腿痛
  • 口齿不清
  • 不稳定的步态

如果发现这些症状,强烈建议立即就医. 它们可能是高胆固醇或中风等严重后果的征兆, 心脏病, 或动脉粥样硬化.


常规血液检查测量胆固醇水平,包括HDL、LDL和VLDL计数. 患者应根据个人风险接受这些诊断测试的频率. General recommendations for high cholesterol screening include:


  • 对于处于正常风险的儿童,第一次胆固醇测试应该在9岁到11岁之间进行.
  • 对于风险较高的儿童(例如.e.(如有高胆固醇家族史、中风或心脏病发作),测试应该从两岁开始.
  • 无论测试开始的年龄如何,胆固醇筛查应该每五年进行一次.


  • Testing beginning in childhood should continue every five years.
  • 对于年龄在45岁到65岁之间的男性,应该每一到两年进行一次筛查.
  • 对于年龄在55岁到65岁之间的女性,应该每一到两年进行一次筛查.

What Are Treatment Options for 高胆固醇?

澳门娱乐赌城网站正规平台为高胆固醇患者制定个性化的治疗计划, 考虑他们独特的风险因素, 验血结果, 考虑到整体健康. The main treatment options for high cholesterol include:


保持健康的体重, 定期进行体育锻炼, 吃得有营养, low-cholesterol foods can improve the condition. 可以鼓励患者与营养师或营养学家会面,以帮助他们实施最佳膳食计划, as well as a personal trainer to safely begin an exercise regimen.


For some, lifestyle changes may not be enough to lower their cholesterol. Several types of medications are available to treat high cholesterol, 内科医生会根据每个病人的个人风险因素开出最佳方案. 药物的种类包括:

  • Bile-acid-binding树脂: 肝脏需要胆固醇来产生消化所需的胆汁酸. 这些药物与胆汁酸结合, forcing the liver to use excess cholesterol to produce more bile acids.
  • 胆固醇吸收抑制剂: 因为小肠从食物中吸收胆固醇并将其释放到血液中, this drug limits the absorption of dietary cholesterol.
  • PCSK9抑制剂: This option assists the liver in absorbing more LDL cholesterol, thus decreasing the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • 他汀类药物: These drugs block a substance needed by the liver to create cholesterol.


  • 一类: VLDL cholesterol production is decreased in the liver.
  • Omega-3脂肪酸补充剂: 这些可以帮助降低甘油三酯,可以开处方或在柜台购买. 医生应该确定病人服用这些补充剂是否安全, as they can cause adverse reactions when taken with other medications.


This procedure might be used in cases of FH. A filtering machine is used to remove LDL cholesterol from the blood, and then return the blood to the bloodstream.

常见问题 澳门赌城网站正规平台 高胆固醇

Cholesterol can be difficult to understand, 但卑尔根医学协会致力于向患者提供有关他们所经历的疾病的教育. Here are some frequently asked questions:


未经治疗的高胆固醇会导致几种危及生命的疾病, 包括心脏病发作, 周围血管疾病, 中风, 高血压, 还有肾脏疾病. This is because bad cholesterol can lead to the formation of plaque, which blocks arteries and prevents blood from flowing as it should.

What Foods Can Help Decrease 高胆固醇 Risk?

Prioritize the consumption of lower-cholesterol foods, including:

  • 苹果
  • 大麦
  • 茄子
  • 富含脂肪的鱼类
  • 纤维补充剂
  • 葡萄
  • 坚果
  • 燕麦
  • 秋葵
  • 大豆
  • 草莓
  • 固醇和固醇
  • 植物油
  • 全谷物

How Long Can It Take to Lower Cholesterol?

After implementing a healthier diet and more exercise, it can take anywhere from three to six months to see desired results. 这个时间会因患者的个体风险因素和是否需要高胆固醇药物治疗而有很大差异.


对于那些有遗传风险因素的人来说,高胆固醇并不是完全可以预防的. 然而, 那些处于中等风险的人可以通过选择健康的生活方式来保持胆固醇水平的平衡, thus lowering the risk of complications such as 中风 and 心脏病.

Combat 高胆固醇 With 澳门娱乐赌城网站正规平台

如果胆固醇是一个问题, 求助于卑尔根医学协会的医生他们有广泛的 澳门娱乐赌城网站正规平台 with expertise and a proven track record of success. 新泽西州北部的病人可以依靠最先进的高胆固醇和许多其他医疗条件的护理. To learn more about high cholesterol treatment or make an appointment, 联系 卑尔根医学协会的一员 位置今天的年代.